Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Obviously not so good that we've managed to do anything more by the 22nd of November, but that's our fault more than anyone else's. I did go and see Peter Kearney in the Galway Energy Agency to get some tips on insulation, heating etc. and he certainly gave us food for thought. Not intending to get any site works completed before Christmas, but would certainly want to get our skates on to be ready first thing in spring. Have to make a few changes to drawings (want to get it right on paper first) and then send out packs for a few quotes.
Over and out for now....

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

First Post

Ok, so I've decided to start a blog. It's a slightly daunting task, but might be fun. There's two main reasons for my blog....We (DH and I) intend to start building a new house soon, really soon, and I want to record our 'journey'. It might be a help to others in the same boat, and will also be nice to look back on. Secondly, I used to keep diaries when I was younger so I suppose I'm moving with the times.

Let's see how we get on...